Gun incident update

On Wednesday, Dec. 5 three students were involved in bringing a handgun onto school property. The weapon was found in one of the students’ locker. At the time it was not clear what the students would be charged with. However in the first week of May, a Fairfax County Police officer investigating the case announced a follow up on the case.

The announcement was made at the West Springfield District Police Station Citizen Advisory Meeting, and the officer stated that two of the involved students pleaded guilty to charges. However, the third students’ case is still pending in court.

Since the students were all minors at the time of the incident, the Fairfax County Juvenile Court disallows the release of the specific charges. However, Fairfax County Police Officer Jon Watkins commented at the time of the incident that the students could be charged for possession of a weapon on school grounds, but again nothing is confirmed.

The Fairfax County Police Department has actively worked alongside the school board, and the school to keep the community informed. As always, parents and students alike have access through to the students’ rights and responsibilities, which specifically explains what the consequences are for such situations.