Relearning the Basics – NEHS Helps Student Grammar Through GMR Clips

Whether, wether, and weather.

These three words are familiar to any student who has watched Good Morning Robinson (GMR) either this year or last. The National English Honor Society (NEHS) has made several video clips to inform students of commonly mistaken grammar rules. The NEHS director, Susan Frenck, believes these clips help high school students remember basic grammar and punctuation tips.

This year alone, NEHS has released three different clips. There are approximately five more to come by the end of the year, in addition to last year’s clip about the many forms of “weather.”

“We’d like to help students improve their English grammar skills, even if it’s just one little bit at a time,” Frenck said. “The clips also help promote NEHS at Robinson, but it’s much more about helping students with grammar and usage.”

NEHS members are in charge of thinking of the ideas and creating the clips. They can even earn membership credit for participating in making a clip.

“The students are great at researching the grammar or usage rules and creating the clips independently,” Frenck said. “I’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of topics and clip styles.”

Students in the organization can create videos independently or with a group. Most students create some kind of presentation on the computer and record a voiceover to go along with the video. Frenck believes this helps to emphasize the importance of the grammar rule to help the student remember the reminder.

“I like that they inform people of the proper way to use words because it’s annoying when people use them wrongly,” sophomore NEHS member Makenzie Brookins said.

Frenck said NEHS members were more than accepting of her proposal to start airing these clips on GMR. As long as the students’ clips get approved, students can be as creative as they want. Making a clip even has benefits.

“If you make a clip, you receive two credit points for NEHS, and that’s always very helpful,” senior NEHS member Claire Fadl said.

It never hurts to be reminded of basic grammar and punctuation rules which are easily mistaken or forgotten, and NEHS will continue to think of creative ways to help high school students.