Students display talents with art


Senior art student Kelly Guin draws a tattoo using sharpie on senior Jimmy Miao in her booth studio.

An array of artists flooded the Field House April 26, when the school’s annual Art Show captivated students with a whirlwind of colorful projects.

“I was excited because it was an opportunity to let other people know what I’ve been working on and also for me to get my own booth,” sophomore Emma Angove said.

Although the effort required to set up each booth was apparent to viewers, few realize how extensive the set-up process was for the art department prior to this single, day-long event.

In January, the art teachers gave the art students a pamphlet, and by Feb. 8, required them to have a maximum of twenty pictures to submit to the Art Show.  On Feb. 29, the students put their artwork in the Gold cafeteria and art teachers judged the work to see which projects would be featured. Around March, the art teachers reviewed the portfolios of the students who submit their work to be displayed at the Show.

“This was the smoothest set up that I have ever experienced since I have been working here,” ceramics teacher Joseph Dailey said.

He said the Art Show took a lot of work to set up, but there were a lot of parents to help out with the setup, so the process was manageable. Because of this support, he said he believes the Art Show was a big success.

The students who went to the Art Show thought it was well planned out and also set up in an organized manner.

“I think that the Art Show was really good and there were a lot of interesting pieces of art work,” sophomore Iman Rehmatullah said.

The Art Show was a beneficial opportunity for students to get the taste of what real artists do by representing themselves and their school. They were able to sell their works of art, and some students had made a lot of money by doing this.

Freshman Nick Seymour said, “The Art Show was really organized. Everyone got to see what you do and it was a nice display.”