Medical Club


Students in the medical club are the future of medicine, working hard towards a career in the medical field. “Recently we’ve had UVA third year students who are majoring in neuroscience, sociology, and global health studies, come in and talk about their experiences in pre-med,” said Hana Choi, co-president of the  Robinson Medical Club. 

There are hundreds of medical specialties and it can be difficult to understand jobs as a physician. In order to become a doctor, there are many steps one must follow, starting with an undergraduate education, passing the MCAT exam, and going to medical school. After completing, on average, four years at medical school, pre-med students must take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Once graduates pass the USMLE, they must continue to a residency. Residency lasts three to seven years, depending on the path, and then graduates must apply for a state license. 

“All we do at Medical Club is to try and get people more experience and allow them to feel what being in the medical field is like because it’s such a complicated pathway and it’s so much commitment if you don’t know what you’re going into,” said Choi. 

Many guest speakers have come to medical club meetings to talk about their experiences in medicine and give advice to aspiring physicians. Holli Selman, the career counselor, spoke about different pathways in the medical field. Additionally, an oncologist, a nurse practitioner, other doctors, and pre-med students at UVA have talked at meetings.

Students do not have to be a member of the club to attend meetings. “If you are interested in UVA, want to go, [or] are interested in what college life looks like, then I encourage you to attend our meetings because it’s not just for people who are interested in medicine, but also people who are unsure what their post-secondary education will look like,” said Choi.

Jeffrey Stevens is the sponsor of the medical club. “I was pre-med as a young person as well so I have a masters in exercise physiology…it’s a good group, nice kids.”