Behind the Lens


Photo by Ram Snaps

As a senior in high school, Sophie Yadz has taken thousands of pictures of Robinson athletics. Yadz’s inspiration comes from her mother who was a professional photographer. “She [my mom] was a professional photographer, but I was always just watching her from the side, so I think that really sparked my interest,” said Yadz. 

Yadz started pursuing her passion for photography in seventh grade by taking Yearbook. She was the photo editor in middle school and tenth through twelfth grade. Yadz focuses on sporting events for her photography. “I’m an athlete myself and I grew up watching football so it helps knowing what you’re taking pictures of and being able to keep track of where things are,” said Yadz. 

In order to get the best in-action shots, Yadz recommends photographers are knowledgeable about the topic they are covering. “It depends on the sport, different sport, different types of action, but you always want to follow the action,” said Yadz.  “You have to be very aware when taking pictures so I just try to watch for something interesting.”

After reaching out to the photo editor for the University of Virginia newspaper, Yadz was given an all access pass to take pictures at the UVA versus Duke football game on Oct. 16. “It was crazy,” Yadz said. “I was very overwhelmed at first but then it didn’t really feel any different than being on the field at Robinson. When I have a camera I just hone in on everything and everything else just disappears, so I just felt very at ease, and it just felt natural to me.”

Yadz’s advice to aspiring photographers is to have a connection with the topic, whether it is sports or people, and to learn as much as possible about the subject. She also compels young photographers to develop a personal style. “Everyone’s perspective is different on things, so just be true to yourself, because that’s what makes your work unique.”