Eternals Movie Review

Spoiler Alert!


 “Eternals” hit all United States movie theatres on Nov. 5, 2021. Eternals is a PG-13 film, directed by Chloe Zhao, a two-time academy-award winner. This film is a part of Marvel’s phase four, It concentrates on the repercussions of half the universe being snapped into dust by Thanos, and being snapped back into existence by the Avengers, specifically, The Hulk. The main characters of the film are 10 immortal beings who each have unique abilities/superpowers. These eternals were sent to earth many, many, centuries ago by the prime celestial to protect the humans from the deviants- or so they thought. 

Now, there is a lot to unpack about this movie. Before watching Eternals, I was curious as to how Marvel was going to introduce 10 immortal superheroes that had been around Earth for centuries. How would they make the audience build a connection with the characters? How would they achieve this for all 10 characters in a little over two hours? As a marvel fan, I was very excited for this movie as it was introducing more diverse characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This meant Marvel would have its first openly gay black superhero, played by Brian Tyree Henry, Hispanic woman super hero played by Salma Hayek, south-Asian superhero, played by Kumail Nanjiani, and an afro-Latina deaf superhero, played by Lauren Ridloff! I was a bit disappointed when at the beginning of the movie they killed off Ajak (Hayek). Although we do get to explore more about Ajak’s leadership and her relationship towards the other nine Eternals as a Prime Eternal through flashback scenes. I also wished we could have seen more of Makkari (Ridloff) in action or just her in general. Makkari appears toward the end of the movie and is shown to only be waiting for when it is time to leave Earth and go home. Keep in mind they have been on Earth for centuries! I felt as if I didn’t get to know a lot about her character as much as the other nine. Not only this, but Kingo (Nanjiani) wasn’t fighting alongside the rest of the Eternals at the end of the movie where you expect everyone to really team up together for the final battle . I would have enjoyed seeing more of Kingo in action. I would have preferred it if Sprite’s (McHugh) storyline didn’t involve confessing her love for Ikaris (Madden) who appears to be a grown looking man. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch, especially because of how long looking Sprite appears to be. 

The film was stunning, every single frame was satisfying to watch. I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end of the movie where betrayal lies within the member of the eternals where you least expect it from. You never really knew who would betray who and who would end up dead or alive. I personally liked that because it kept me at the edge of my seat wondering. This film officially set up many things that help set up the main theme occurring in phase four, the expansion of the multiverse, specifically by introducing us to a Prime Celestial. The two end- credits scenes also introduced the audience to new characters who are said to be vital to future plotlines in phase four. 

Eternals received a 47 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 52 percent on Metacritic and a 6.9/10 on IMDb. The budget of this movie was $20 million, while the movie grossed over $300 million worldwide in the box office. I personally thought the movie was good, not fantastic, but good. The film was too big and ambitious for its own good. I think it would have been better if it had been made into a two-part film. That would have allowed more information to be given about these new superheroes being introduced after it had been said that they have been around for centuries. I do recommend watching if you are a marvel fan because, like I said before, it introduces many new aspects for the MCU’s phase 4. I do not suggest watching this movie if you want to be introduced to the MCU or are simply curious as to why there are such big names involved in this movie because you will be incredibly confused. I would give it an overall rating of 7/10.