Valor Dictus

Christmas Songs

Thomas Friestad, Online Editor

December 13, 2012

They"ve been all over the radio, blaring from passing cars and from every department store imaginable, and often stick in listeners" minds for hours at a time. Christmas songs may only stick around for a month each year, but during...

Food Songs

Thomas Friestad, Online Editor

November 27, 2012

Though the Day of the Turkey has come and gone, the calories, pounds and memories it brought certainly have not. This playlist commemorates the holiday everyone is thankful for, featuring a series of songs all about food and...

Motivational Songs

May 16, 2012

With a multitude of final exams and sports playoff games coming closer by the second, there is no better time than now to pop in those earbuds and get pumped up for a stellar performance. This collection of songs was compiled...

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