Valor Dictus

Food Songs

Thomas Friestad, Online Editor

November 27, 2012

Though the Day of the Turkey has come and gone, the calories, pounds and memories it brought certainly have not. This playlist commemorates the holiday everyone is thankful for, featuring a series of songs all about food and...

Eighties Songs

Thomas Friestad, Online Editor

October 5, 2012

Though the decade has long ago passed, the 1980s undoubtedly brought about a number of today"s most popular rock hits, brought up at every single karaoke session, without exception. Plenty of modern stars will also readily admit...

Senior Songs

June 6, 2012

As they flee the building in droves (or, if they opt to stroll the halls, taunting the busy underclassmen), seniors are feeling more liberated now than ever before, what with the absence of school stress in their lives (at least...

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