Life Coming Through the Blinds – EP, Another Sky | Review

The English band Another Sky released their new EP, “Life Coming in Through the Blinds,” on June 14, 2019. Another Sky, comprised of Catrin Vincent (vocals, piano, and guitar), Max (drums), Jack (guitar), and Naomi (bass), started releasing music last year. “Life Coming in Through the Blinds” is their second EP (and their second multi-song release). The tracks on the release include a couple of their previous singles like “The Cracks” and “Apple Tree”, as well as two new tracks entitled “Life Was Coming in Through the Blinds” and “I Don’t Hate You”. “The Cracks” is one of their most popular releases on multiple streaming platforms.

The Music

“Life Coming in Through the Blinds” maintains a consistent sound unique to the band, although the main focus of each song changes. This consistent sound makes the entire EP flow to create a feeling of fluency, instead of having dissonant songs thrown together in one release. The most popular song off of the album, “The Cracks”, is probably one of their best, and the mood is very ethereal, while still staying grounded by the drums. The main criticisms for the song would be the volume of the guitar because it is very difficult to hear for most of the song. Another criticism is very minor, but at certain points in the song the vocal rhythm is awkward, almost sounding like the words were forced to fit to the song. However, this could have been an intentional choice, meant to build tension around the vocals and lyrics. Most of the other songs on the album have no real problems, and the songs that stand out the most are typically ones that show Catrin’s vocal capabilities.

All the songs have a very interesting mix of styles, including electronic, rock, pop, ambient, and their own unique sound. Electronic and pop contribute the most, giving the band a very large soundscape, while still being able to maintain a groove and create a different kind of pop.

This EP still keeps the bands signature sound from previous releases, being especially marked by the lead singers very unique vocals. This was their most successful release yet, gaining the most attention, along with most of the songs off the EP placing as their most popular songs in many music streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.).

The Band

The band was created after all the members discovered an album (‘Laughing Stock’ by Talk Talk) independently before they came together and started jamming. They ended up writing a song their first session and carried on jamming many other times consistently making new songs.

They are very politically focused, especially when they are not making music, which may be a problem for those that care more about lyrics in songs; this becomes obvious in their social media accounts.

Additional Information

Another Sky will soon began touring the US Northeast beginning in Dece

mber, though most of their tour is in Europe.

Their music is available on all music streaming platforms, and they have music videos on YouTube for many of their songs.