Is the Sign-Out rule at Lunch too Much?

The sign-out rule that was put in place during lunches this year has created a school-wide disagreement between students and administrators. Some students seem to think the new sign out rule at lunch is unnecessary, while the administrators argue otherwise. “I think it [the lunch sign-out] is necessary because we are making it a priority to know where our students are at all times,” explains Tracey Phillips. Many students, however, vehemently disagree.

“I think it’s really annoying. I don’t like how much time it takes. We could just write something on a piece of paper that says where we’re going,” asserts Christina Willemsen. Some students think the rule is too strict, or that the rule takes too much time away from the lunch period. This is the first year of this policy and many students seem to disagree with the rules.  “The lunch sign out rule is kind of unnecessary, I think we should just grab a pass and leave and come right back. The new sign out policy is just too much,” comments Amelia Harn. 

Despite the disagreement from students regarding the policy, administrators maintain that it’s necessary for the safety and well-being of students. The goal of the administration is to keep track of students and know where they are at all times. Many students believe that there are more effective, faster ways to achieve this goal without a time-consuming form at lunch.