Which Music Genre is More Popular?

Rap wins in an informal survey. What’s your opinion?

As a student and teen, music is a big part of my life. Whether it is studying or just relaxing on the couch music shapes my mood and my point of view on the world, because music is so important I decided to dig deeper. My question is, what is the most popular genre of music at Robinson?

Well to answer this I went to 10 random students during lunch and asked them what their favorite genre, song, and artist was. Seven out 10 answered with rap, two said rock and one said pop. One student said that rap was their favorite because “The beats and uniqueness available with every song and artist makes rap intriguing to me.”

This is a very interesting point because you really can use many different components while in rock you only have set instruments. Interests in music are always changing, rock used to be mainstream and the most popular genre but things change over time. I think that rap is here to stay for a long time. As the unanimous student stated their is a lot of room to be unique in rap music which is a key ingredient in popularity.

As far as influence, rap is very influential. Because rap is so mainstream and easily accessible whatever rappers do or say is analyzed. The rappers are so influential that we need to watch what we are listening to and how we might emulate that. That goes for any style of music too.