Why are Kenyans Such Good Runners?

Thinner air, a healthy diet, and lots and lots of walking

A country in east Africa with 4.1 million people dominates competitive running. Most of the amazing runners Kenya produces come from a specific region called the great rift valley.

The Kenyan runners have bird like bodies. They have long legs, short torsos, less mass to their height and slender limbs. These traits make them excellent distance runners. Their genetics are proven to make them more efficient runners.

There are also many cultural differences being debated. Many kids walk and run to school giving them a head start above others. Many people run barefoot which develops good running form. There food is simple with no artificial flavors or preservatives. It is all natural. Which gives them a extremely healthy diet.  

An important factor is that the great rift valley is around 7,000 feet above sea level which makes the lungs breath in thinner air. Therefore they must breathe in more oxygen. When they go to Europe and other countries they get a oxygen boost from the rich air.

Kenya to date has had 61 olympic medals just from distance running which is a remarkable achievement.