‘Good Enough’ Shirts are Stylish and Simple

Spread a thoughtful message with a colorful shirt


While we have fall coming to an end, we have many trends happening and new brands growing.

This season, a major well known trend we had spreading around the world was Nathan Zed’s “Good Enough” shirts. The shirts are made of a soft material and they allow you to have a comfortable fit. On the shirt towards the top, it says “GOOD ENOUGH” with a rose in the between the words good and enough.

Nathan Zed created this over summer. His intention was to spread around a message that helped him throughout his hardest times, hoping he could help others in return. His message is to know that we are enough by being ourselves and he mainly aims this message towards people who have ever been told or felt like they are not good enough.

The shirt is unisex, meaning it is made for both men and women to wear. Nathan’s final restock on the shirts was about two weeks ago. They were released in summer and since that has ended, there will be “Good Enough Winter” coming up soon.

The shirts of “Good Enough Summer” do not only have a meaning behind it but they can also be worn in a stylish way. Sometimes they are worn by tieing them up into a knot on the front or in the back. Sometimes they are worn with matching shoes, like a yellow shirt would have yellow shoes.

Sometimes people do matching makeup as well. Wearing the shirts stylish is also simple because there are different colors to pick your shirt from, whether it’s black, maroon, pink, or yellow. With a meaningful and fashionable shirt, Nathan Zed was the start of this season’s trend.

This trend has left many feeling joyful and confident, including myself.