A More Productive Use of RAISE Time: SAT Sessions


The school needs to have SAT sessions during RAISE so each student can be successful, regardless of their money or time. This would be a useful tool for all students to use, whether they are taking the PSAT or the actual SAT. The sessions could take place every Wednesday, so teachers would not lose RAISE time with other students who need help on classwork. English and math teachers in particular could be assigned to help instruct some RAISE sessions about their respective subjects. 

“English and math teachers would be the best ones to instruct a SAT raise session,” counselor Kelly Ellis said. “We don’t know it, but we are actually studying for the SAT in our English and math classes already, because throughout our high school years, all of our English and math classes have been teaching us what is going to be on the SAT.”

Ellis said old SAT test questions are already released, so in SAT RAISE sessions, teachers could give out copies of the released SAT questions to the class. They would be able to go over them with the students, who would have the opportunity to go over them at home.  In addition to using the paper copies, students could also use the online SAT website designated to prepare them. Ellis also said, even though the counselors may not be able to help as much as an English or math teacher, they are there to help give test-taking tips.

SAT RAISE sessions would be a blessing in disguise for students who want to be fully prepared to take their SAT. The RAISE sessions would help students who do not have the financial means to participate in an actual class. For example, a StudyWorks class has hourly rates starting at $150 (in person) or $120 (online). If a student wants to get a 24 hour package, it will cost them $2395 (in person) or $1916 (online). In addition, for Kaplan test prep., the cheapest price ranges from $299 to $599. Senior Blair Gruendl participated in a class at Kaplan, paying around $200 for classes every Sunday for two hours.

“Taking the classes at Kaplan extremely helped my SAT scores go up,” Gruendl said. Before taking the class, her SAT score was around 1300, but after classes, her score went up to around 1500.

Since these expensive classes actually help students raise their test scores, there is a definite need for SAT RAISE sessions for students to have the same success without going through any obstacles.