Senior Siblings


Dominic Theimen (left) standing with Veronica Theiman (left). Veronica will be attending UVA to study medicine in the fall. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and loves lifting. Photo courtesy of Dominic Theimen.

Graduation is a momentous achievement for any high school student. It is a commemoration of accomplishment, a celebration of the dedication, drive, and discipline necessary to complete years of schooling, and the turning to a new chapter in a student’s life. 

For junior Dominic Theimen, the graduation of his sister, Veronica, is a bittersweet moment. “[Siblings] can be annoying,” said Theimen.  “She can be a little bossy sometimes, but over time you realize she’s not going to be here forever. Dominic, having other younger siblings to watch out for, is uncertain how life will change after Veronica leaves. “Mornings aren’t going to be as hectic, because she takes forever to do things, getting out the door sometimes, but things are going to feel different,” said Theimen. “She lays down the law around the house, so with her gone, I don’t know how it’s going to roll. Am I gonna have to fill her shoes?” 

Veronica Theimen is graduating in the spring, and will be attending UVA to study medicine in the fall. Dominic will especially miss the times spent running errands together, the many conversations and laughs shared on a drive to the store. “I’m going to miss her,” said Theimen.     

For sophomore Jaydenne Rodas, who has shared nearly her whole life with her

Jaydenne Rodas (left) at the beach with Cheyanne Rodas (right). Cheyanne will study fashion design at SCAD in Georgia. She is very creative and enjoys creating and designing, as well as going to the gym. Photo courtesy of Jaydenne Rodas.

sister, Cheyanne, it will be strange to adjust to her absence. “It’ll be weird not having her around,” said Rodas. Cheyanne is going to SCAD in Georgia to study fashion design. “She’s my only sister, so I do not want to be an only child with my parents. I like having her around to take my side of things, so I don’t want her to go,” said Rodas. Jaydenne most fondly remembers the many summers spent swimming and playing soccer together, competing on relays together for their summer swim team.    

A siblings’ bond is something unique that goes deeper than friendship or parenthood. They can be your greatest friend and confidant, or your greatest rival or tormentor. But there comes a day when the person you’ve shared your childhood with must depart on a journey of their own, leaving home to discover their own life.