Photo by Ram Snaps

Ram Champions Cherry Lin and Ronnie Woods are crowned at the homecoming football game. Cherry and Ronnie were nominated by their peers for their demonstrations of kindness and spirit.

The 2022 homecoming Ram Champions, Cherry Lin and Ronnie Woods, were chosen because of their outstanding demonstrations of kindness and spirit. In the past, a homecoming queen and king were chosen by the senior class and were crowned at the football game. In 2019, the SGA changed the system where the students nominated seniors based on the representation of Ram Values and ram pride. The top two nominees then became Ram Royals. This year, the homecoming nomination was a new process, with one middle schooler, freshman, sophomore, junior, and partnership member voted for the Court of Kindness and Court of Spirit. Six seniors were also voted to the Ram Champion Court, and the most voted two winners were chosen as Ram Champions.

Cherry Lin

“In my free time, I like to paint, and art has always been one of my hobbies. I love to code, which is why in the future I’d love to be a computer scientist. I love to read and I also like to play badminton with my family. I’ve taken lots of coding classes at Robinson and I just love working with technology, so in the future I hope to create innovative technologies that help other people to solve real world problems.
“At first, I was really hesitant on winning Ram Champion because I didn’t know if I wanted to go through the whole process and I had no idea that I would actually win. In the end, winning it was so meaningful to me because I felt like I represented the kindness that we try to advocate for here at Robinson. It really meant a lot to me to be able to stand up there and not just be a representation of Homecoming Queen or just being the most popular girl at school, but being a representation of kindness which is something much more important to me and also to our school.
“The main thing that makes me love Robinson so much is just the community. The pep rally and the football game, walking up on stage, were moments that I’ll never forget. I’m just incredibly thankful for all my friends and all the people who voted for me just for the overall experience. I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of that.”

Ronnie Woods

“In football, I play corner, that’s the position that guards the receivers. I’ve been playing [tackle] football since I was five, I played flag before that, it’s my main sport, first sport. Wrestling I started my freshman year, I’ve built up a love for it.
It’s just nice to know that my friends and my peers really respect me. It’s reassuring that they see me in a positive view, it was kind of an honor.
“I never really understood why some people don’t enjoy high school. My high school experience has been awesome, freshman year through my senior year. I just can’t believe I’m a senior. Quarantine kind of messed it up, but other than that it’s just been awesome. Sports, friends, and if you go to a lot of Robinson events, you’re going to have fun, your high school experience is going to be awesome.
“A lot of people just see me as this kid that does sports, but when I was younger, I was an actor. I wanted to act, I actually had an agent for a little bit, but when I was younger, I was too scared to audition for spots because I wasn’t that confident in myself, and here I am today.
“For any freshman, take advantage of these years, it goes by fast, go to every Robinson event you can, make friends, be nice, I know our motto is dude be nice, but hey, if you’re nice, maybe you’ll become Ram Champion.”