Senior Activities


Photo by Ram Snaps

Scott Wilson, senior class sponsor, said, “Merely the fact that we’re having an in-person graduation and with the entire class cohesively together in one place at one time, I think that’s important and a special thing in your life.”

Administration has planned monthly activities for seniors to have an eventful final year in high school. “I collaborate with the senior administrator Dr. Turner, as well as Ms. Phillips and Ms. Wong, and just cooperate to try to come up with the best opportunities, events, and this to make this senior year memorable for this class during this unique time,” said Wilson.

The prom event will be May 22, however there will likely be many differences than a normal year, and the all night grad party will be June 11 after graduation at the St. James building in Springfield.

While this year has been challenging in many ways for the senior class, events are opening back up for the end of year celebrations. “It’s been certainly a tough year that all of us collectively had to do together and I’m thankful that we have wonderful people in this building,” said Wilson.


Prom Update:

The 2021 Senior Prom will be taking place Saturday, May 22 in the back parking lot at Robinson. A tent will be set up and tables and lights going along with the theme Let’s Get Tropical. “I actually think being outside might be more fun than being inside,” said senior Anna Lawrence. 

The event will only have 250 people attending and it will be from 7 to 10 at night. There will be photo opportunities set up by the SGA inside the school. All seniors are allowed to bring one guest who is an FCPS student with them to prom. 

“I appreciate them figuring something out and actually letting us have a prom because I know friends of mine at different schools don’t have prom and so I’m glad that they figured something out,” said Anna.