Rams Take on Homecoming

The 2018 Homecoming dance is coming up on Saturday October, 20th. It will be held in the main hallway to the gold cafeteria from 8:00-11:00. Over 1,500 students are going. In the junior locker bay there will be a photobooth and picture cut outs. In the senior locker bay there will be games. The gold cafeteria will be supplied with snacks for the students. The whole school will be decorated with black and purple balloons to convey the space theme.

    SGA staff member, Ms.Peterson, started SGA homecoming planning five years ago to get involved with the students and the school. She went to Robinson as a student and enjoyed attending the homecoming dances. She said, “The dances were different then. It was held in the gym and had less decorations than now.” She hopes to have a throwback playlist. There will be movies, games, music, and food at the dance this year. The theme for 2018 homecoming is “Out of This World”.


    Eleventh grader, Maddie Ross, is going to wear a light pink dress with heels and gold jewelry to the dance. Ross said, “I’m going to homecoming with my friends and a date. Before the dance I am having a potluck at my house to have dinner and take pictures”.


     A ninth grade student, Mia Angarita, said, “I am going to the dance with my friend group. We are planning on going to P.F.Changs before the dance. I still need to make a reservation for the restaurant and shop for shoes. I already picked out my dress from Lulus.”


    Ninth Grader Emma Fields is carpooling to the dance with three of her friends. Before the dance they are going to eat at the Clifton Pub. Fields said, “It looks like a lot of fun and my friends are going. I think the school will have a lot of decorations.” She is planning to have a half up and half down hairstyle with makeup, a dress, shoes, and jewelry.


    Ninth grader Temi Raymond is planning to attend the dance. “My friends and I are probably going to go to dinner before. It sounds like a fun time to make memories with friends.” She is going to wear a burgundy floral dress.