Fulfilling a Passion for Helping Students

The new counselor, Jason Woehrmyer, is loving it at Robinson and is excited to work with all his students this year.


Haroon Nawaz

Jason Woehrmyer talks with students at the New Kids on the Block assembly on Sept. 13. Woehrmyer joined the Robinson counseling staff this year. He handles students whose last names start with A-Bram.

Jason Woehrmyer is a new counselor at Robinson. He comes to Robinson with experience working as a counselor at Woodson High School and Kilmer Middle School.

He’s just getting started and already loves the students and is impressed by the administration and how they’ve handled a lot of the situations so far. He is excited to get to help as many students as possible. “The students here are more polite than any other school I’ve been at,” he said. “What I’ve seen so far has made me happy to be here.”

While he was working at Woodson, he said that he loved working with high school students. Then when he worked at Kilmer, and decided to stay working with high school students so he interviewed various schools but chose Robinson. “When I interviewed here I actually got a good vibe from the team and the people, it seemed like a great place, a great school,” he said.

To Woehrmyer, being a counselor means a lot. A “problem solver” is how he views his job. “I help students on how to solve their problems, any issues they have in school, and that can be academic, that can be social, stuff going outside of school, it’s a wide range of what I do,” he said.

This year, Woehrmyer’s goal is just to get to know the school, get to know the staff, the teachers, and the students particularly. “That’s really going to be my focus this year, not looking to come in and rock the boat and make changes, we can start that in year,” he said.

Robinson counselors Taylor Nelson and Mrs. Panzenhagen are both very excited for him to work here. “It is really easy to get overwhelmed but after you’ve had a year, you’re kind of more able to see that you don’t need to stress out that much,” Panzenhagen said. “Just in general keeping a positive attitude will help.”

When they met before school started, Nelson said that she could definitely tell that Woehrmyer’s passion is working with the kids. At the end of the day, Nelson said, he said Robinson was exactly what he was looking for.

Panzenhagen said that she is mostly excited for him to see the vision of the counselors that work at Robinson. Their advice for him is to not worry about anything. “The counseling team is really strong and works very well together but also our community in general works very well together,” she said. “The school staff is a collaborative team.”

One of the Woehrmyer’s students, Audrey Bowden, said that it is very important to have a counselor. “It’s good to know that you have someone to talk to and them having the experience of knowing what classes you need to take,” she said. Bowden is very excited to be working with him throughout this year. “I’m hoping he gives me good class recommendations and gives me a good person to talk to,” she said.