Band Concert Focuses on Young Children

Tiny Tots Holiday Show was a Big Success


Thursday and Friday of last week, the first week in December, Robinson’s band put on a concert geared towards young children for the holiday season. The concerts were met with much success. Many children attended either with their parents or in groups with their preschool or daycare. However, this concert was enjoyable for all ages.

The concert began outside Harris Theater with a trombone choir and toy soldiers (the colorguard) standing in the lobby. People gathered around to get a preview of the concert while they were waiting on the rest of their party or waiting for the doors to open. Families flooded in, filled with eager children holding coats and stuffed animals excited for the concert.

The band played all of the holiday favorites you would expect at a seasonal concert. Throughout the concert, there was a buildup to Santa coming out and joining the band on stage. Characters from moviesーincluding Anna, Elsa, Frosty the Snowman, and Buddy the Elf, were brought out through the crowd to wave to the kids. There was also a section during the concert in which the instruments were introduced to the kids, providing an introduction to music.

Overall, the Tiny Tots performances were a raging success that provided fun for all ages. Mr. Loft, the band director, held a light and easy banter with the band and the crowd giving off a welcoming atmosphere throughout the whole show. The holiday spirit was truly captured