Finding Dory Trailer Makes a Splash


Rachel McGirl, News Editor

   Earlier this month, Pixar released the trailer of Finding Dory, the much-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo, an early 2000’s hit.

   Finding Nemo follows Marlin, a clownfish, and Dory, a blue tang, on their adventure around the Australian coast to find Marlin’s son Nemo after he has been captured by a diver. Finding Nemo was such a hit that Disney built a Finding Nemo-themed aquarium at Disney World’s Epcot.

   Disney announced that a sequel would be made in 2005, but production didn’t start until April 2012. A year later, Disney confirmed Finding Dory and that Ellen Degeneres would be again voicing the role of Dory and that Albert Brooks would be again voicing Marlin. In the sequel, Dory sets out to find her family with help from Marlin and Nemo.

   Why did it take so long for the sequel to be made? Pixar and Disney had reportedly had many disagreements regarding the production of several animated films, including Finding Dory. In 2005, Disney announced that a new animated studio, Circle 7 Animation, would create sequels to a select few of animated Disney-Pixar films, including Toy Story 3 and Monsters, Inc 2 (later re-named Monsters University). When Disney’s CEO was replaced in 2005, Circle 7 was shut down after only producing two films (Toy Story 3 and Monsters University). Finding Nemo’s sequel was put on hold until 2012, when director Andrew Stanton began developing the film.

   The trailer premiered on Youtube on November 10th, receiving much worldwide attention by scoring 15 million views in just a week and trending on Twitter.  With over 25 million likes on Facebook, Dory is the most liked character from any Pixar film.

   When he heard about the sequel, sophomore Matt Glass said, “Finding Nemo was my childhood and I’m more than excited to see the second one.”  Glass plans on seeing the film with his friends as soon as it is released.  Sophomore Allison Quade, who was also a Finding Nemo fan said, “I’m so excited to see Finding Dory, I hope it’s as good as the first one.”