Girls Volleyball Enters Season With New Varsity Head Coach


Ishita Sharma, Focus Editor

The beginning of a brand new school year brings with it, a fresh season of fall athletics. Although the game played itself may not change, teams undergo many changes from year to year. Sometimes there are changes in coaching, changes in rules, and often changes in team members. This year, a team that has specifically undergone a significant change is the girls varsity volleyball team. The team has gotten a new coach. The position of the former Varsity Volleyball coach, Jill Cross, was replaced by Meghan Johnson.

Johnson has been playing volleyball since she was eight years old. She played the sport throughout high school and played softball in college.

“I grew up playing volleyball and have always loved the sport! I am competitive, and I love to win. I love volleyball which is why I chose to play it,” said Johnson.

She decided to begin coaching in 2009. Johnson was first exposed to the coaching profession by her parents. Her exposure to coaching from such a young age made her an appropriate fit for the position.

“Both of my parents are coaches, and I have always known that once I quit playing, I wanted to coach. It was something I have always known I wanted to do,” said Johnson.

She has coached various teams since 2009 however her decision to coach specifically at Robinson was made because of the school’s rich history of the sport.

“Robinson has a tradition of winning, and it also has an excellent reputation in Fairfax County and Virginia. The program has been successful, and I was excited at the opportunity to jump into a program that has a tradition of success,” said Johnson. She coaches alongside the Varsity Assistant Coach, Carleigh Peterson. For individuals who are new and interested in the sport but have no prior experience playing Johnson suggests,

“Get a volleyball for your house, find some training videos on YouTube, and learn ball control. If you have been playing for a while, the more work you put in at home on your own time is very important to your personal success as a volleyball player.”

Johnson’s competitive nature, coaching experience, and love for the sport makes her suited for the coaching position. She is looking forward to coaching the remainder of the volleyball season.