Robinson Counselor Becomes Tennis Coach This Upcoming Spring Season


Sydney Mitchell, Entertainment Editor

Tennis has been a unique asset to the athletic department at Robinson. The athletes have kept up a great reputation, finishing with a 10 win and 6 loss record last year. Now there is a new coach who is prepared to keep the team running smoothly. Joanie Murphy, a Robinson counselor since 2005, has taken on the challenge of running the girl’s tennis team.

“I like tennis, I’ve been out to the matches previous years,” said Murphy. “I didn’t play very competitively at the high school level. I’ve played before in the recreational leagues and adult life.”

Murphy’s excitement for the coaching the new team is not in short supply. However, tennis isn’t the only sport she has coached as she has coached soccer, basketball, track and volleyball.

Murphy has set up fall training sessions for athletes who plan on competing during the spring. They will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and be from 3:15-4:15.

“I’m looking for athletes who want to compete, and want to win. I want to see what we have and go from there. Anyone that is not in a fall sport right now, like band or anything, and they plan to play in the spring, should be at these fall practices because there’s no excuse not to be,” Murphy said.

Murphy believes the best way to run a team is to create a completive atmosphere to try to keep the players motivated. Last year the tennis team had two coaches. Currently, Murphy is the only coach, but other teachers around Robinson have expressed interest in coaching alongside her.

Her previous coaching experience and her counselling experience will help her when coaching a new team.
“There are different parts to the game- in any game. In tennis you have the technical part, the tactical part, and you have the physiological part, so I think just being a coach for many many years and being a competitive athlete- I think my experience and knowledge is pretty well rounded to deal with female athletes in general” said Murphy.