Yu-Gi-Oh! begins dueling as a new school club

Kimberly Williams, Editor-in-Chief

Yu-Gi-Oh! has made its way to school.

Seniors Jack Forjan, Chris White and Griffin Moore have started a club to play the popular card game with fellow students. The idea started when the guys found their old Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and started to play with them again. Once more of their friends joined in, they decided to take things a step further.

“Mrs. Caley is our sponsor, and once we get approval from Mr. Ferrell and Mr. Eline, the club will be official,” Forjan said.

Members meet every Friday at Forjan’s house. Currently, approximately 20 people have been going to the meetings, and Forjan and White believe this number will increase if the club is deemed official by the school.

“I wouldn’t expect that at this age there’d be so many interested in playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, and there were so many that were interested, so I thought it was a great activity,” said history teacher Barbara Caley.

Reactions to the club have been mixed.

“Some people are very excited; we have a lot of new players sprouting up. However, some students from different schools and have slandered our club,” Forjan said.

Although a new club, a system has been put into place to open it up to anyone.

“We first go to Mrs. Caley’s room to get the number of people attending and then we go to Jack’s dad’s house,” White said. “Everyone competes in a tournament until we have two left.”

Members feel that the club is a fun and different way to interact with their peers.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! club is a good way to have fun with my friends after school and meet different and interesting people,” said senior Evan Schreiman.

Forjan and White encourage students to follow the club on Twitter @RoboYuGiOh in order to spread awareness and increase membership. As a fast growing club, the founding members are excited to see where Yu-Gi-Oh! club leads them.