Killer KIX concert

Katherine Wilson, Entertainment Editor

Playing a type of music that puts just as much attention on stage presence and “the big show” as it does actual music, local legends of rock, KIX is a band to remember. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, KIX carries more street credibility on the local scene than most more recognizable bands. Proof of that came from their sold out performance at Tally Ho Theater on Saturday night. With the exuberance of  Steve Whiteman fronting the band, Brian Forsythe and Ronnie Younkins on guitars, Mark Schenker on bass, and Jimmy Chalfant behind the drums, the night was bound  to encourage a party atmosphere. Since 1981, KIX has pumped out six classic full-length discs and just released their newest studio album, “Rock Your Face Off.” Not that rock-n-roll has gone out of style, but the brand that KIX plays seems to be making a comeback and it is wonderful that they are still around to show the original real deal.

Hitting the stage with enough energy to light up a city, KIX’s performance included each and every aspect of rock-n-roll. Song after song, hit after hit, and anecdote after anecdote, KIX captivates the crowd with their music while Whiteman justifies the stereotypical 80s rocker by jumping his way into position on stage.  KIX incorporates rebellion, provocation, decadence, and raw energy- just the way rock-n-roll should be.

Setting the tone for the entire evening, “Can’t Stop the Show” immediately grabbed the audience with its first note and the fist-banging bliss did not end until the last chords of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” were struck two hours later. Playing all of the fan favorites, KIX rounded out the night with their signature number, “Midnite Dynamite” from the platinum album by the same name, and then followed that with the hysterical albeit not-so-family-friendly sing along “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” complete with Whiteman breaking out a bag of balloons, which he showered the audience with via a ridiculously large prop hammer.

The night was full of laughter, joy, and dancing (or “moving” as Whiteman put it).  Raunchy, raucous and euphonious music on a Saturday night with KIX as the party host gives fans exactly what they want: hard core rock-n-roll. KIX proves to be “the best damn rock band you will ever see live.”