Students jam at art show

Stefanie Chae, Entertainment Editor

For one day, the gymnasium is crowded with booths and tables showcasing a year long’s hard work by the art department instead of underclassmen and middle school students running around in gym uniforms. Paintings, drawings and photography line the bleachers and sculptures and ceramic work are set on tables. Artists sit by their booths as students ranging from middle school to seniors walk through.

The art show showcases all the visual pieces that art students have created. But, walk in and there is a band is having a jam session overlooking the entire art show.

A jam session has been present at every Art show. Music is more art so it adds some diversity in the Art Show,” said junior drummer Eric Wuerful. “There’s all mediums of art from painting to ceramics to music.”

The chosen musicians this year were Wuerful and senior guitarist Brett Walking Eagle. However, with the leniency and freedom, other individuals were allowed to chill with the band and play a couple songs themselves.

There is not a set list which allows for the musicians to play what they wish. The art show featured more funk, blues and rock genres this year.

“Brett’s style is more classic rock with a heavy Jimi Hendrix influence, with the afro and everything, so as the drummer, I just go along with whatever he wants to play, so mostly classic rock” said Wuerful.

The musicians that are chosen to play at art show get to miss an entire day of classes to provide music along with the artists.

Walking Eagle said, “you see a picture and you’re hearing these sounds… People go there and see the art and adding music invades all their senses.”