SGA starts voting for spirit days

Mary McGrath, Staff Writer

This year, SGA changed the format so students had more of a voice when it came to picking spring spirit days. Online surveys were created where students could go and vote from a number of spirit day options.

“I think having the students get the chance to vote was very effective because they got to actually put in their own opinions,” said senior Emily Lloyd.

In the past, students have been able to vote for other school sponsored activities as well such as Homecoming themes.

Many students were pleased with the new policy change. Since the student body had a voice in the spirit days, people were much more likely to participate and make the spirit week much more fun and successful.

“Having the students vote was very efficient because then they couldn’t complain about not liking the days since they actually got the opportunity to vote for them,” said senior Katie Sisson.

SGA members say they definitely plan to continue this new policy in the years to come.

“We hope to incorporate a lot more online voting next year to give the student body more of a “voice” in initiatives that SGA carries out,” said SGA sponsor Daniel Clements.

Students chose from a number of spirit days including Camo Day, Twin Day, or Pajama Day.

The final spirit days due to the online voting were Hippie day, Kentucky Derby day, Athletes vs. Mathletes Day, Throwback Thursday Day, and Freaky Friday Day.

Overall, online voting turned out to be a great advance in the Spring spirit days.