Burgess shares humor on twitter

Faith Schweikert, Staff writer

“There are always those pockets of mundane moments in your day, like when you’re stuck at a traffic light or washing your hair, where, sadly laughing to myself, I come up with my tweets,” English and IB Film Studies teacher, Lindsay Burgess said.

Burgess’ personnel Twitter account has become an iconic example of why the social media site is still going strong. She provides her followers, who include students and friends alike, with typical Burgess humor that rarely disappoints even those in the worst of moods.

“It’s the ‘What if?’ formula. You say ‘what if?’ then come up with the most outrageous occurrence that could come from that,” Burgess said. “And there you have your tweet.”

She said she used to have a blog but prefers Twitter as a way to chronicle her life because of its lack of commitment.

“It is such a selfishly creative source,” Burgess said. The character limit is like a challenge. The English teacher in me loves it because it forces you to use strong diction to get the point across by staying in that limit.” Burgess said.

She remains modest about the rave reviews regarding her account, reminding herself that when over thinking a tweet that “it’s not that serious.”

“Twitter allows you to have any type of voice or tone you want,” Burgess said. “I’m just weird and that comes out in my tweets.”

She said one’s social media is a reflection of oneself. She tweets for herself and the fact that people consider being able to read what she has to say is an honor.

Burgess said. “Be you! The second you start writing what other people want to read, the joke is up and you’ve lost the originality.”