Sports find good ways to self-fund

Every sport needs money.  This is a plain fact, as all sports use expenses for equipment, training, transportation, and almost everything else.  Most sports receive subsidies in some way from the county (except for crew and rifle) yet still need fundraisers to raise extra money.  But are the fundraisers effective?

The easy answer is yes.  Many fundraisers (such as Tag Day for crew/band) exceed their projections, earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars for the sport in need.  These help each sport exponentially with getting the equipment and programs they need to be the best they can be.  But even though fundraisers are needed throughout the year for each sport, they are (mostly) all effective and benefit the sport dramatically.

The fact that fundraisers are needed throughout the year is fine.  Think about it: if a farmer planted a plant that was only able to harvest once a year then they would have to budget the harvest throughout the year.  But when the sport is able to have multiple revenue streams coming in from different sides, it allows them not to have to budget tightly.

Still, almost every fundraising opportunity is taken and hit out of the park.  Fundraisers sometimes raise hundreds or thousands of dollars for the sport, and allow the sport to use the money wisely and when needed.  Even though some sports are funded by the county, fundraisers are still necessary (football has coupon sales and other fundraisers).  But, even though they happen year-round, sports fundraisers are necessary, effective, and efficient.