Basketball clutches 13 wins

Sara Kline, Editor-In-Chief

Boys’ varsity basketball is having a very well played season so far. They have a twelve to three win-loss record, and are tied for second place in the Concorde District.

The team’s record is about the same as it was last year, but Coach Brian Nelson has higher expectations as it is filled with great players.

“I think we are a better team than we were last year, so our expectations are a lot higher for what this team can accomplish,” Nelson said.

With these great expectations, the team expects to go to the state tournament, but wants to focus on the regular season first.

“We know that we can go all the way to states, but we are taking it one game at a time, just focusing on what we are doing right now,” junior Ashrifi Nai-Terreh said.

There are a few areas that the team has exceled in this year. One of them is their defense, which is strong, compared to the last few years. When the defense is playing well, the games were easily won.

“This team plays defense better than any team I’ve ever had and how well we defended dictates how successful we are. That’s definitely been a point of emphasis for this team. The games we have defended really well are games we have won very convincingly,” Nelson said.

Another area that the team has excelled in is their chemistry. This season the team is very close and it shows on the court.

“Playing like a team is always the most important thing because if you don’t play like a team, you won’t get anything done. So if we play like a team we shouldn’t have any problems,” senior Marshall Cogburn said.

Players on the team have very high expectations for this season, and so far they are on track to making their goal of states.