A good season so far for gymnastics team

Mary McGrath, Staff Writer

This year, the gymnastics team got a new coach and since then the team has been excelling in all of their competitions.

“The previous coaches both chose to pursue other career opportunities,” said new coach Charlotte Edwards. “The girls are great and I would love to be their coach again.”

There have only been four meets this season and so far, the team has placed first in three of those and second in the other. Their next upcoming meets take place throughout early February before the season is over. Competitions take place all throughout the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) and practices are held Monday through Friday.

New coach Charlotte Edwards and assistant coach Elizabeth White have helped the team succeed this year more so than in the past.

“I am extremely proud of my team,” said junior Amanda Hill. “We have been working even harder this year to keep up our success.”

Meets take place all day from 7a.m. to around 6p.m. There are warm-ups, the four rounds of competition on the vault, bars, beam and floor, before concluding with the awards ceremony and cleaning up all of the equipment.

“We plan on improving by continuing to stay healthy and being able to practice if the weather permits,” said Edwards.