Weight lifting class reaches out

Cody Dunbar, Staff Writer

Winter sports are starting up and our weight training coach, coach Jimmo is starting to go through P.E. classes to try to gain more students for the weight training program.  The program is available as an elective class but does not count as a fulfillment of a regular physical education class.  Jimmo sees this as a good way to gear students up for the upcoming sports seasons without making them go after school for long periods of time to get their workouts in.  Students juggling sports and schoolwork often do not have a lot extra time outside of school to work out; therefore the weight training program can be very beneficial as an elective course.  It is also a good way to start thinking about physical health early on in life.

Coach Jimmo currently has about 130 students in his weight training program and is constantly bringing in freshman and sophomore PE classes to view the weight room.  He has gotten positive responses from these students and hopes to see them in the future during his weight training class.  “Two of our main goals is to get our numbers up to the point where we have ten classes, and to start female only classes, because sometimes it can be intimidating for females to participate in a class of mainly male students,” Said Jimmo about the purpose of his efforts.  Jimmo’s progress is clearly showing as the vast majority of his classes are comprised of serious students that are more than willing to participate in his well-structured workouts.