Students see a future in sports

Betsy Berenback-Gold, Production Manager

It is almost every high school athlete’s dream to be recruited by a college to participate in a sport after all the sacrifices throughout all the years. However, it is not easy to be chosen for the colleges because of limited spots. Therefore, it is a great feat to be a part of the ten percent of high school athletes that will play in a NCAA-member institution.

Senior Macey Schweikert, who committed to going to Elon University for track, said, “The process [of recruiting] was very exhausting! People were pulling you in every direction and it was hard to choose what was more important, [like] school or running, size or place. It [also] was and is very hard to not listen to what other people thought was good for me.”

According to senior Zack Ghalayini, a rower who is getting recruited to Bucknell and Georgetown, said that some schools give more of a pull than other schools.  Some students even get more than one offer, which gives them an opportunity to choose where they want to go.

“I did get other offers. But I chose Elon University because of the coach. Coach Engel and I really connected within the first few seconds of our first phone call. I came by the campus while in NC to talk to other coaches. I fell in love with it at first sight, and then she called and it was all perfect. When I knew Elon was the place I cancelled all of my official visits. “Schweikert said

Some recruited students are not committed yet.

Senior Endicott Ackerman, who is being recruited to football at University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Harvard, Cornell, Carnegie Melon, and other schools, said “It is nice that all the hard work I put on the field and in the classroom is finally paying off.”