Seniors choose majors with job security

Many seniors are finishing up their college applications and choosing a variety of courses/areas to major in for college.  A key factor in deciding which major to choose for college is the amount of job security that each major provides in future careers.  Many students make the mistake of thinking that the amount of money that is provided by an average job from their major is the main thing that they have to worry about.  This is quite important, but the ability to be able to secure a solid job and not have much risk of unemployment should be the first priority when picking a college major.

Research shows that degrees involving medicine and education provide the most secure jobs in today’s economy.  These types of jobs are considered to be constantly necessary due to the amount of them that are either currently available or will become available.

Business degrees, which are quite popular with seniors that are applying for college, provide much less job security due to the economy and the way businesses today are often not stable and are not guaranteed to last for a given amount of time.  Jobs are more scarce and hard to come by in today’s economy than they have been in past years, making it even harder for college graduates to find a job even with a very secure choice in major.  This is why it is very important for students to think hard about what major they would like to choose for college.

Studies show that art degrees can be among the most unstable and the hardest to hold a job in when used as a main source of income.  Despite certain majors being more or less secure than others in terms of availability and possibility of keeping a job, it is also very evident that students who do go to college are much more likely to land a job than those who do not.

Salary for jobs can vary greatly depending on the type of job acquired within a certain field, but for the most part, job security and decent salary tend to have a negative trend.  Jobs that are insecure often have very high yearly salaries, hence the appeal of those types of majors.  This is a dangerous pattern for students who aim for these kinds of jobs, especially in this economy.  Risks must be taken to acquire success but the best advice for the job market of today may be to simply play it safe and go for the most secure jobs possible.