Homecoming was a hit

What happens in Vegas certainly didn’t stay in Vegas, but only because unlike previous years, this year’s homecoming was one to remember. Props to you, SGA.

The major change: location. When the original idea to have the dance floor in the main hallway, students seemed more uncertain than ever as to how this dance would be. But considering the astounding number of tickets sold, nearing almost 1600, this uncertainty must have intrigued the student body. In the end, the SGA could not have made a better choice.

The gym was just always too spacious for a homecoming, with too many awkward areas and not enough of a ‘dance feel.’ For despite the attempt at decorations, it was still just the gym. The hallway, however, was hardly recognizable, transforming into a nightclub of sorts complete with a DJ whose music never stopped and hardly ever faltered, causing students to forget for a night about everything else and just dance.

Though it was sweltering hot inside the actual dance area, the casino area, photo booth and snacks area left students with plenty to do while taking a breather from the insanity. Though the dance maybe shouldn’t be held in the hallway every year, just to keep things different, it certainly was worth trying out something new for a change.