Crew hosts annual 5k

Ben Eisen, Editorials Editor

On November 10, the school’s crew team held a 5k, sponsored by Potomac River Running.  The race, a 3.2 mile course around the campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, worked mainly as a fundraiser for the team, which is self-funded.  The race had 363 registered runners, 180 women and 183 men, ranging in age from six to 62 years old.

The race started in the bus lane, wrapping around the back of the school before turning into the neighborhood along Commonwealth Boulevard.  The race then turned left onto Roberts Road, running alongside the fence that borders the campus.  Turning back into school property, the race ran behind the school one more time, passing the second mile marker on the way, and up the big hill at the edge of the campus.  The route reentered the school’s property at the north access road before running around the parking lot one more time.  The race ended with a sprint through the bus lane, just like the beginning of the race.  Runners passed through an inflatable arch to finish.

“It was fun to run with friends and get a good workout,” said sophomore Colin Reddig.  This echoed the thoughts of many runners, who ran with friends, trying to take their mind off of actually running the race.

The top student finisher was senior Alex Min, who finished in a time 17:41.  Min’s time was good for third overall.  The top female finisher was junior Ashton Schmidt, with a time of 19:27.