“Pretty Little Liars” the A conflict – SPOILER ALERT

Stefanie Chae, Entertainment Editor

“Pretty Little Liars” dropped a World War “A” bomb on the night of the mid-season finale back in June. An hour after the episode aired, the internet was abuzz with heated discussions.

Many entertainment blogs posted their opinions on this matter in no time at all.

There is evidence supporting the idea that Ezra is the infamous “A.” However, there is also evidence claiming Ezra is not “A.”

Every little detail in movies and TV shows is significant in some way. There is evidence dating to the first season that supports that Ezra is on the A-Team.

First off, the most evident, Ezra owns a type-writer. Many of A’s notes went through a type writer.

The literary clues would be easy for Ezra to concoct, since he is an English teacher. The class was studying “The Great Gatsby, “for example, when A hit Hanna with a car. This directly ties in when Myrtle is hit by a car in the novel. That is not the only Gatsby reference.

In episode 3 of Season 2, Spencer sells her sisters engagement ring at a pawnshop. There is a sign outside the pawnshop that says “Someone’s watching you.” In the novel,  Dr. T.J.  Eckleburg’s sign says “Someone’s watching you.” In the first season, Aria mentions how beautiful Ezra’s eyes were. This connection is symbolic of the surveillance over the town with the four girls. What Ezra is teaching in class corresponds to what happens to the girls. What they’re learning in class has a significant meaning in the plot, it’s not just some haphazard choice made by the directors.

Coincidentally, the novel connected to Vivian Darkbloom, “Lolita,” is about a teacher being attracted to younger girls.

Ezra is also linked to A through alcoholic beverages. In episode 24 of season 3, Ezra tells Aria to “leave the lime alone.” In the closing scene, A is seen enjoying a cocktail with a lime in it. Also, the whiskey Ezra brought to a dinner at the Montgomery’s is seen in the closing scene being drunk by A.

Episode 25 of Season 2 is titled “unmAsked.” In this episode, it is revealed that Mona was A. However, taking a literal approach, Ezra is the only one to take off his mask at the masquerade ball. Does Ezra’s literal unmasking mark him as “A”?

Pretty Little Liar producers have dropped similar bombs in the past. First off, Mona was revealed as A, but she wasn’t actually A, she was working for someone. Then, Toby was working alongside Mona on the A-team but for personal romantic circumstances. Then Spencer joined the A Team, but not really. Fake-outs and Pretty Little Liars go together like cookies with milk. These fake-outs spice up the series for a bit longer. So, what makes this revelation any different from the other fake outs?

Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz was recently notified of this dramatic character change.

“I’m only a few steps ahead of the audience,” Harding said in an interview with From Inside the Box. “I was told a while ago that there was going to be a dark turn for Ezra, but even [creator] Marlene King was like, ‘We know something’s going to happen, we have a few ideas, but we’re going to play it out and see which way we want to go with it.’”

Was this dark secret King’s intention from the beginning? Or is it just the fans being like English teachers and overanalyzing the situation?

If even King was unaware of the situation, how is there evidence from season one that Ezra is A? Is it just the fans being English teachers and overanalyzing the situation?

The series has 1.5 seasons to go until the rumored ending, so would producers reveal the main mystery so early? Ezra will feature in the upcoming Halloween episode which is set to air on Oct 22. The ending scene of the summer finale is open to interpretation.  If Ezra is not A, he still has explaining to do to why he was in the Lair. Either way, Ezra is keeping secrets from Aria and the audience will soon be exposed to the unveiling of the mystery.