Students stay in shape over summer

Owen Joyce, Editor-in-chief

Summer break is 80 days long, which is a long time to be without high school athletics. In this time some athletes have a hard time staying in shape, while others manage to stay in shape.

While the summer may be considered the off-season by some, it certainly is not for a lot of athletes and sports teams at our school.

“I wouldn’t consider summer as the off season, I would say it’s more like a more relaxed version of the regular season,” Jared Steen, junior and varsity basketball player said.

Football is the most known for having an overnight camp, where the players stay for several days. The football team is not the only team this, for instance the basketball team also has a several day long camp.

“We go away for a couple of days and work together as a team, practicing and playing games,” Steen said. “It really helps us to bond as a team, as well as improving our ability to play as a team,”

The bonding and team unity isn’t the only positive that can be taken away from the camps.

Steen said, “It really helps me to stay in shape over the summer, I think that if I didn’t have this camp I wouldn’t really work out that much, and then I would really lose my form.”