SAT score posting prompts negative emotions

When students are beginning to stress out about college and are concerned about whether or not they will be accepted to the University of their Dreams, SAT scores become an issue for some students. Scores too low will often prevent students from being admitted to their top choice schools. Aside from the pressure from parents and the student themselves, they face the question from their peers ‘What did you get on your SAT?’ Though this question is expected from friends, students should feel free to keep their SAT scores to themselves. In addition, they should be provided with the luxury of not being forced to see other’s scores plastered on Twitter and Facebook.

As students are applying for schools, they are being judged by admissions boards who review their merit and accomplishments.  Students should be satisfied with this and do their peers the courtesy of keeping their personal scores, just that, personal. Though it is fine to share with close friends, there can’t be a feeling much worse than opening up Twitter and seeing ‘I got a 2350 on my SAT!’ when one is unsatisfied with their own scores. In addition, students who post their scores appear to be boasting and stroking their own egos, causing some of their peers to view them as pompous and arrogant.

Frankly, posting scores online gives off the sense that some students feel superior to their peers. While those who score well have a reason to be proud of themselves, posting their scores on social media sites is a practice that should be stopped to spare the feelings of peers.

A source of outrage among many students, seeing scores posted online is a sure fire way to become judgmental. No matter if they scored better or worse than the score poster, they will deem them either obnoxious for posting their scores, or insulting them for being proud of their low scores. Either way, posting SAT scores will cause students to receive negative feelings from their peers.