‘Now you see me” not just smoke and mirrors

Faith Schweikert, Staff Writer

Four magicians. Three shows. One billion dollars. Simple, right? No.

“Now You See Me” stars Jesse Eisenberg as Daniel, Dave Franco as Jack, Isla Fisher as Henley and Woody Harrelson as Merritt, a team of illusionists who are being chased by a team of FBI agents for the bank robberies they appear to be committing during their various performances. Problem is they’re magicians. Have fun trying to catch up, FBI.

The poor advertising and dismal trailer make the film seem like one to immediately write off the list however, the generally simple plot makes surprises as it continues to twist and turn in ways the audience could never have imagined would.  When they finally feel as though they’ve got it all figured it out, boom abracadabra, there’s more.

Magic has definitely lost its popularity after the incredible success of films such as “Harry Potter” came out but this is a different kind of magic with mind reading, secret societies and card tricks galore. The film feels like the audience is viewing a magic show in Vegas for real, which simply adds to the overall glamor of the film.

Eisenberg portrays his usual witty, know-it-all but in the best way possible as Daniel. He, along with the other Illusionists, adds comic relief to the numerous car chases and action scenes that occupy much of the film. It has adventure which keeps the audience not only intrigued but leaning forward on the edge of their seats in concentration trying to figure how in the world the tricks are being done and who is behind the whole operation. There is definitely more to this film than meets the eye.

No magical effect looked like just that, an effect. Instead they actually look like actual magic tricks. It is refreshing to see a film where the special effects are not noticeable because of their flaws in presentation but for the positive addition they make to the film.

“Now You See Me” surprises the audience with its brilliance as the film’s ending truly pulls the metaphorical rabbit out of the hat.