Thrifty Shopping

Stefanie Chae, Entertainment Editor

Benefits of Thrift Shopping:

1. Save Money: At many brand name stores (i.e. Hollister, Free People, American Eagle, Vans, etc) a simple T-shirt can cost about $20. One trip to the mall can result with an empty wallet and maybe one full outfit. Thrift shops offer more for the same amount of a shopping trip to the mall.

2. Unique Style: How many times have there been when someone else wore the same exact outfit? That is the problem with shopping. Most retail stores stock up on the same piece of clothing, increasing the chance of twinning with a complete stranger. However, in thrift shops, there are many different articles of clothing to choose from, decreasing the chance of twinning with a stranger.

Tips to Remember While Thrifting:

1. Try Clothes On: Some pieces of clothing tend to look better on the racks or on the mannequin, but it might not look flattering on the body.

2. Thoroughly Browse the Racks: Unlike popular retail stores, thrift shops won’t be organized by the same shirt or style. There are many different styles and brands to choose from that might not catch the eye the first look through the racks.

3. Wash the Clothes: Most places will have washed the clothes, but it is unknown as to who tried them on before, or if they are even washed in the first place. This is a tip for hygiene.