Famous enough to go on tour, but they’re still the underdogs

Stefanie Chae, Entertainment Editor

Name: Late Night Reading

Type of Music: Pop Punk

Album: “Dedicated to Deadlines EP”

Background: In 2009, Dalton Wixom (lead vocals/rhythm guitarist) and Brady Szuhaj (bass guitar/harmony) started working together. Since then, they have recruited Drew Cottrell (drums) and Clayton Collins (lead guitar). The band has been touring with Bryan Stars and have been posting covers on their YouTube page. They will soon push their way through the music industry with their young but mature style.

Name: Before You Exit

Type of Music: Pop Rock

Album: “A Short Story Long EP,” “I Like That” (Single)

Background: Brothers Riley (vocals) and Connor McDonough (vocals/guitar) started working together a few years ago. The two recently recruited their younger brother Toby (vocals), Thomas Silvers (drums) and Braiden Wood (guitar). The band have been posting covers and other videos on their YouTube page. With their young pop-rock sound, the group will be around for a while.

Name: Hollywood Ending

Type of Music: Pop Rock

Album: “Always 18 EP”

Background: The band formed summer 2011. These boys came together from all over the world- Maryland, New York, and the UK- to hit the music industry hard. The boys got their start on Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing. Tyler Wilson (vocals), Cameron Byrd (guitar/vocals) and Dan Geraghty (guitar) are still going strong even after Chris Bourne (bass) left the group.