Spirit days are repetitive, should be more creative

This year, the SGA has done an excellent job adding more Spirit Weeks and events throughout the school year. However, as the spirit days become more frequent, now including Senior Spirit Days, they continually recycle the same themes again and again. The SGA has faced the consistent problem of reused days, which are participated in less and less when students are asked to repeat outfits time and again. The true example of this is Derby Day. Though an original idea at the time, the concept is so specific and restrictive in the costuming that it does not allow students to branch out and try a new character or outfit.

Spirit days which were creative and original at one time will lose participants if reused. Among the approximate 4,000 students at the school, there must be a creative new idea or two as to what the next spirit day should be. Instead of keeping the ideas confined to the students in the SGA class, they should broaden their scope to the general public. Representatives meet monthly, but many complain their ideas are not heard or requested. To have a voice in the school, a student should not be required to take a specific class.

The SGA needs to differentiate classics from what is creative but temporary. Pajama day is a staple of spirit week, but others, like Derby Day, are not. The SGA must reach out to the student body to hear more ideas. If the Spirit Days are for all, then all must be for the Spirit.