School should end sooner for seniors

For most seniors, their year ends April 1st.  Getting into college makes it feel like senior year is over and done with, and senioritis really begins to kick in.  When IB exams are over, school should end officially for seniors.

In the last week of school, there is nothing to do in class.  When a student gets accepted to college and declares officially that they are going there, it already becomes difficult to focus on classwork.  This is something that the majority of the grade experiences.

While many seniors simply remove this problem by not going to school, attendance should not be kept during this last week, as there is not much classwork.

Once exams are done, a proposal needs to be made so that seniors can get out of school earlier.

When it comes down to it, this change makes sense.  If school ended for seniors even on June 1st, it would save the school money.  This can be a senior privilege that makes sense for everyone, and that one that underclassmen can look forward too during high school, knowing that they will get out of school earlier their senior year.

While it may seem that the year is over after Spring Break and college decisions have been made and are ready to go, seniors should keep in mind that colleges still check end of the year grades and can rescind the acceptance letter if the performance is not up to par. It is extremely important to keep grades up until the IB Exams.  With school ending earlier after IB exams are over, there can be fewer things for seniors to worry about and they can enjoy the last few days as a high school student.

Having seniors leave after June 1st can avoid all of the wasted class time, and can give a longer window for seniors to relax before graduation.