Early dismissal is a necessary bone to throw to seniors

This editorial is not meant to be a list of lazy senior grievances. However there are certain gripes in the senior community which cannot go unnoticed.

Administration officials, seniors have stood by your policies for four years and have offered the arguably greatest school spirit of a generation. Thus seniors deserve some amount of special benefits for their last three months here.  The first and easiest benefit for administrations to permit is the allocation of seniors leaving ten minutes early on Fridays. This is a simple action when can be taken with little effort and little disruption of daily procedures and events.

The administrative decision to let seniors out ten minutes early would alleviate a number of stressors at the school. First and foremost, it would greatly assist the horrendous traffic situation we have at the school. Allowing seniors to leave ten minutes early would allow less congestion around dismissal time.

Furthermore the allocation of seniors getting out ten minutes out early would actually prevent the mystical condition of senioritis. This would decrease because seniors would feel sufficient free time has been given to them. Therefore more motivation would be given from seniors to have a better attendance record. This is a paradoxical situation but certain psychological rewards given to seniors will in fact lead to more participation in school and less laziness.

For these given reasons seniors must be given the opportunity to leave school ten minutes early. This shouldn’t be given just as a reward for four years of hard work (although this is true) but rather as a method for incentivizing seniors to show up to school and perform with greater effort.