5 Tips for Having a Productive Spring Break

1. College Visits: Conveniently, high school spring break does not coincide with college spring breaks, which makes it a perfect time to go tour a few colleges. It also gives you enough time to also look at out- of- state colleges. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time!

2. Get Caught Up: Third quarter seems to be the shortest quarter because of unforeseen snow days and a long spring break. However, it does not end until after spring break. So, try to utilize the break to complete any missing assignments to help eliminate any end of the quarter stress.

3. Get Re-organized: With almost ¾ of the year completed, binders and folders are coming to a breaking point. Clear out the clutter by recycling old papers and buying new supplies to replace the falling apart pieces.

4. Job Hunting: Jobs are difficult to come by in the summer time. Applying over the break will give you a first-hand pick at jobs that would otherwise be filled by the time summer comes around.

5. Get back in Shape: School takes up a substantial amount of time during the weekdays, often making it difficult to get to the gym. Use the extra time provided by the break to kick-start a new workout regime!