Gatorball Brings Light-Hearted Competition

Nick Runkel, Online Editor

Sophomores vs. seniors. Girls vs. guys.  Looney toons vs. the United Nations. March 9’s Gatorball competition had all of these storylines and more.

Every spring the SGA puts on a dodgeball-type tournament called Gatorball in the field house, the event is a light-hearted competition made up of teams of students. The teams are created by students and they include one team captain and at least 5 total players.

“One of the best parts of Gatorball is coming up with creative names,” senior Benjie Canady said. “This year we were the United Nations because we had so many different ethnicities on the team.”

This year the initial portion of the tournament was split up by gender, with the five girls’ teams playing each other to find a girls champion who would then enter the boys’ bracket.

“We wanted to get more girls to participate so we decided to give them a shot to win their own bracket and then compete against the boys,” said senior Gatorball committee chair Turner Peterson said. “We wanted to give them a shot.”

In both the girls and boys tournaments all grade levels were mixed in together, with freshman teams playing junior teams and so on.

“Overall we did pretty good,” sophomore Jack Rowlett said, “As sophomores we had a good day.”

The Gatorball committee considered this year’s competition a great success.

Peterson said, “It was definitely a success, we had more teams compete this year than in any years past.”