Basketball Gives Back

Tim White, Production Editor

The school boys basketball team, in an effort to contribute more to the global community, has begun a program donating used jerseys and equipment to poor children living in Africa.

The idea was formulated when Varsity Head Coach Brian Nelson ordered new uniforms for the varsity team. The uniforms were then shuffled down the teams. So former varsity uniforms were given to junior varsity and former junior varsity uniforms were given to the freshman team. This left old freshman uniforms to be thrown away.

“I was then contacted by Mr. Isaac Zama who asked if I was willing to donate the old freshman uniforms to needy children in Africa. I replied saying if he could facilitate the process, I would be more than happy to donate them.” Nelson said.

Players who participated in the drive said it gave them a certain sentimental feeling.

“It made me feel good to help these kids who are underprivileged.” Senior Keegan Ruddy said.

As a result, 4 full sets of team uniforms were sent to needy schools. The first half were sent to Senegal and the other half are currently on their way to Cameroon.

“Our basketball family is growing a little bit.” Nelson said.

This is the first time the basketball team has participated in a program such as this calling the program “Basketball gives Back.”