More people should attend college information nights, can help prepare on what to expect

It is crucial for students to be prepared for their college experience, so it is their responsibility to take advantage of the opportunities handed to students by the school while they are still available. Students often say that they are worried about their future and wonder whether or not they are prepared for it, but frequently overlook the assistance which is already offered to them.

College information nights are offered to students each month through the school. However, students often do not know that they exist, and therefore miss out on a great opportunity to better educate themselves about the future. Students who want to know more about what their futures may hold should take initiative and look out for these types of opportunities; they appear on the school website’s calendar, and are sometimes announced on Good Morning Robinson.

Information nights like these are offered to students to benefit their college experience and their future, so they should not be looked upon as a chore; they should be seen as opportunities to further one’s future education.

Students should realize that after high school, they will be responsible for themselves and should therefore be preparing to become self-reliant, which includes finding out sufficient information about the next step in their life. These information nights are helpful, and will help students learn more about what major might suit them, more about the ways that college classes differ from their courses in high school and specifically which college may be appropriate for their career interests.

Students should check the school’s website to find out when future college information nights are, and questions about these information nights should be directed towards the career center.