Leaking ceilings and maintenance problems need to be fixed promptly

When walking through the hallways of the school, a student might occasionally be hit by a drop of water.  Scattered throughout the walkways, there are several leaking ceilings that need to be fixed.

As students, we attend a school who is striving for excellence in all areas.  This should and is appreciated.  However, during this pursuit of excellence, some minor issues have been overlooked.  This has been a minor problem for several months now.

There are other problems which need to be fixed as well. On occasion, there are problems in the bathroom where a stall might not work.  These are minor complaints, but it is warranted that an effort should be made to fix them before the problem gets larger.  If these minor problems get out of hand, it could become a huge problem for the school.

Excellence in all areas is a facet of the school which is pursued with vigor by our school administration.  The effort made by the janitors, the custodial staff, and officials in keeping our school a safe and well-taken care of environment should be commended.

In such a large school, however, even these hardworking staff cannoy be everywhere.  There needs to be a system implemented where students can report maintenance problems around the school. If administrators know about these issues promptly, they can be resolved before they become an issue.

There needs to be more interaction between administration and the students with problems around the school and a system implemented as such would certainly help.

By having a system where students can report problems, problems that may have been missed can be detected sooner rather than later.  When seeing a maintenance problem at the school, steps can then be taken promptly in order to fix it.